#spotlightsunday Andy Murray

Written by CSC Intern, Kinsey Garbett

Andy Murray has played a vital role in the Children’s Safety Center since its beginning. Andy was building an advertising agency, Thompson and Murray, at the time of the start of the CSC and was looking for a local charity to support and work alongside. Andy fell in love with the mission of the CSC and saw how underfunded the center was.

In 1999, Andy officially became a donor, supporter, and a member of the CSC Board of Directors. Supporting the CSC has been a “substantial part” of Andy and his family’s core for years. He served on the board until 2007 when he and his family moved overseas to the UK for his new role with Walmart as Chief Customer Officer.

Upon his return to Fayetteville in 2020, Andy was asked to return to his position on the board. The thing that drew Andy to the CSC was the center’s “interview a child once” format. Year in and year out, Andy has been there to witness the excellence that the center stands for and provides. Andy has been able to watch the center grow its programs, fundraising, staff, board, and support in Washington County over the last 20+ years, and he has loved every second of it! Andy played a role in growing the CSC’s events from golf tournaments and kite races to the beloved Dream Big Gala.

Andy, thank you for your years of service to the CSC.

Supporters like you are the reason we have been able to support the most vulnerable in our community for nearly 25 years!


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