Behind Every Handprint
There’s A Story

The Children’s Safety Center of Washington County
empowers children to overcome
abuse and begin to trust, hope and heal.


Forensic Interviews



Prevention Training

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Every year, hundreds of children in Northwest Arkansas are robbed of their dreams, self-esteem and childhood by physical and sexual abuse.

In 2019 Alone

Children Received Services

community members trained in child abuse prevention

Forensic Interviews Conducted

Therapy sessions conducted

The Children’s Safety Center is proud to be the first Child Advocacy Center in Arkansas and was created to help prevent further trauma these children might endure during the complex process of investigation, prosecution, and treatments.

The Children’s Safety Center of Washington County is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1997 and is based on the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) model. Our goal is to facilitate more effective prevention, detection, investigation, and treatment of child abuse. By bringing together teams of professionals and vital resources, we work to ensure that the best interest of these child victims are being served.

You Can Help

You can help provide healing, safety, justice, and empowerment for children in Washington County.

With the help of your time, resources, or funds, the Children’s Safety Center is able to serve children and their families through awareness, advocacy, and support.

Together, we can reach and serve more families in crisis, and inform our communities and local organizations for prevention and early intervention.

Take Action

The gift of your time is a powerful one. You can get involved by volunteering, attending one of our many events, participating in awareness campaigns like Child Abuse Awareness Month and #weARblue, or training to be an advocate in your school or community organization.

Make a Gift

All services at the Children’s Safety Center are provided free of charge. The average cost is more than $1,600 for each child. Your support through direct donations, fundraisers, corporate matching, and more, allows us to keep serving these children and their families.

When a child comes through the CSC, he or she leaves an indelible handprint on the wall representing an emotional story of recovery. This powerful handprint has become the defining symbol of our mission, as each handprint tells a story full of heart and hope for the future.

Create Your Own Handprint by Helping

There are many ways to give to the Children's Safety Center from your time to donations. If you're ready to donate or want to find other ways to give, click a button at right.

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