Prevention Training

Child sexual abuse is an epidemic.

1 in 10 children will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
recognizes child sexual abuse as a public health crisis.

There is a solution. 

Recognizing, Reporting & Preventing Child Maltreatment

FREE Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

The Children’s Safety Center provides training for parents and professionals in the community on how to recognize and respond appropriately to allegations of all forms of child maltreatment. Through lecture and discussion, we cover:

  • Overview of Children’s Safety Center and services provided
  • Dynamics surrounding the reality of child abuse
  • Signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse
  • Empower Me! Core Messages (body safety curriculum)
  • Internet Safety
  • Do’s and Don’ts if a child discloses abuse
  • Learning how to prevent maltreatment and protect our children

*When Parents and children are equipped with tools, child abuse really is preventable!


This training is intended for parents, caregivers, as well as professionals in the community.


This training can be completed in 60 minutes or up to 90 minutes and can be customized to meet the needs of the participants.


We are currently offering this training virtually, through the zoom platform.

You can help stop child sexual abuse. If you are interested in scheduling your own training, contact Miriam Navarro at (479) 872-6183 or at

The actions you take today may help save a child from unimaginable, undeserving suffering.

CSC Quotemark

“If you spare one child… People don’t have a clue about the ripples from one child. So you stop one source of ripples – that is huge.”


CSC Quotemark

“Thank you for making such a difficult topic a little easier to discuss. As a survivor, this has always been hard to talk about! Thank you for helping me understand how to cope and keep my babies safe!”

NWA Community Member


Youth victims reported to law enforcement in all sexual offenses

Youth are 2.5 times more likely to be raped than adults


children who are victims of sexual abuse know their abuser


or more of child sexual abuse incidents happen in isolated, one-on-one situations

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