Celebrating 30 Years of Combined Experience

We are starting off the new year by celebrating 3 Children’s Safety Center team members work anniversaries in the month of January. The CSC prides itself on our committed and passionate team of individuals who go above and beyond providing our kids with the best care every day. Read below as they share some of their favorite moments over the years.

Casey Atwood – Program Director – 11 Years

I don’t really have a specific favorite moment… I think some of my favorite times are when a child picks my office for their handprint. There is something so special about that. They have so many options and can pick anywhere they want, so when they pick your office, you can feel like you have really connected with that child and you know that they feel completely supported, believed and understood by you during that time that they were at the center. When you’ve had a hard case, or feel defeated, it’s nice to come to your office and be reminded of some of the children you have helped even if just in a small way. Pretty powerful stuff!

Abra Morgan – Child Advocate/Forensic Interviewer – 10 Years

Not sure if I would say this is my favorite, but it popped into my mind.  I was on call one Thursday and the in-home reports started rolling in around 3pm and before I knew it, we had five families at the CSC all at once!  What I loved the most is how helpful everyone was and all the advocates were here well after 5pm.  I saw all of the CACD (Crimes Against Children Division) investigators help out that night, too.  It was amazing to see the way a small group of people came together to make sure the kids got interviews, medicals, and advocacy needed.  At that time, and so many more, I’m reminded how lucky we are to have such a seasoned team who truly cares about the children and families we see at the CSC.  The people I work with are true HEROS!!!

Elizabeth Shackelford – Executive Director – 9 Years

There are many moments I will always look back and cherish, whether it was sitting with clients in the lobby and coloring or having tea parties, as well as working with some of the best volunteers, board members, and staff who all have the biggest hearts I have ever known. But, one of my most favorite moments that brought tears to my eyes was witnessing a young lady progress from the time of the allegations until she completed therapy at the Center. Hearing her tell us how strong she is and how she understood it was not her fault and then telling her CSC therapist she was “ready to move on” – it was an unbelievable moment. Just knowing the CSC played a role in her feeling safe enough to finally tell her most terrifying moments to her overcoming the trauma and healing makes every challenge that pops up with my job worth it.

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