Dream Big Gala Past Chair Spotlight w. Theresa Harrell

As we near the 10th anniversary of our Dream Big Charity Gala, we are taking a look back and asking some of our past chairmen about their experience, favorite moments, and why they stay involved.

When were you first involved in the Dream Big Charity Gala? I have been attending the event since 2007.  It looked a lot different and much smaller then, but the cause spoke to my heart.  The following year, I became more involved and was on the planning committee, and then chaired in 2012 and 2013.

 How did you become involved? I became involved through friends who were chairing the event and needed help, but stayed involved because the cause is so important.

 How long were you involved or are you still currently involved and how? We have moved to Rogers and are less involved than we were in the past, but we still support all the CSC’s events.  The Christmas Train and Dream Big are our favorites!  This year, we collected stuffed animals for the CSC in lieu of gifts for my son’s first birthday.

What is your favorite gala memory? My husband and I chaired together in 2013 and found out that we were pregnant with our first child right before the event.  The work the CSC does took on a whole new meaning knowing that we were about to have our own child to love and protect.

What is your worst gala memory or a funny story about something that happened or went wrong? Last year, I got caught up in the atmosphere and bid on and won a 12ft Christmas tree.  It barely fits in our house.  My husband was not amused.

Why is it important to see the gala grow and be successful? When we chaired, we were excited to raise $40,000.  It is so exciting to see how much the event has grown and the support the community is providing.  As the population in our area grows, an unfortunate side effect is that child abuse grows.  The education and advocacy that the CSC provides is critical to providing a safe future for our children.

Why should people attend this year’s gala, 10th anniversary? Aside from supporting an amazing cause, the event is a blast!  Boom Kinetic has long been a favorite band of NWA, and I always seem to make it home with a few auction items.

If you had to give three words to describe the Dream Big Gala, what would they be? Inspiring, Community, Fun

Why is the Children’s Safety Center important to YOU? The CSC makes the absolute best of a horrible situation.  The people there represent the best of what we all can be.  They see so much hurt, but transform that into hope.

Click HERE for information and tickets to the 2017 Dream Big Charity Gala

2014 Dream Big Gala Co-Chairs Chris & Theresa Harrell, CSC Development Director Emily Rappe’ Fisher and

Gala Co-Chairs Morgan & Dustin Roberts

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