#SupporterSpotlight w. Jordan Greene-Hollingsworth

Last Christmas our doorbell rang at the Children’s Safety Center. When we answered, there stood a smiling, colorful woman. When I say colorful, I mean she had rainbow hair! What she also had was a donation in her hand and a heart that wants to help children. Since then, Jordan Greene-Hollingsworth has done many things to help the child abuse victims that walk through our doors every day. From monetary and in-kind donations off our needs list, to raising awareness of the CSC and our mission everywhere she goes, to inspirational art that now hangs on our walls inspiring our kids every single day. We are so thankful to have Jordan as our sidekick.

How did you hear about the CSC? 

        A few years ago my then future mother-in-law gave me a canvas bag that was from the Children’s Safety Center. She told me a little bit about what they do and I immediately broke into tears. It wasn’t until November of 2019 that I wanted to be involved with the CSC. My uncle asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I asked him to donate a check in my name, I toured the facility and knew I needed to become a volunteer to help the kiddos that come through center. 

Where did the idea behind the unicorns come from?

     I was at a craft fair and I saw this plain white unicorn head with crushed pyrite on its horn and little on it’s neck. I hated it, but I figured I would just paint it. The paint didn’t work. I had this box of big rhinestones that I was going to use to bling out a walker to scoot across graduation. My friend, Bailey, came over to make her mother a gift for Mother’s Day so I thought what better time start that unicorn! That was the day ‘Kilgore’ was born; my first unicorn.

HOPE – she hangs in our main lobby

Unicorns are magical, mythical creatures. In medieval times, unicorns were creatures of formidable strength. They are the protectors of the innocent and guardians of all things pure and good. This unicorn’s name is HOPE. She knows that even in her darkest moments, the sun will shine and healing will begin. She loves to write and have fun. HOPE is optimistic by nature and always looking for light, even when it’s scarce. She loves to read books and learn new things about the world and how she can improve it.


BRAVE – hangs in our therapy lobby

BRAVE always remembers who they are, even in the face of opposition. They never back down from what is right and just. Their heart is full, bursting with compassion, but BRAVE is also resilient and strong. They speak the truth, no matter how hard it may be. They cope with stress by making art and doing all things creative. They try to inspire others to also consider coping this way. BRAVE stand up and speaks out when no one else will. 

What is your business, Drop Dead Glitter?

       Drop Dead Glitter is my escape from this crazy world. It is my love of color come to life. I feel like I can express myself the most when I create (and dance).


Short bio about yourself.

      My life has been a very interesting one! It has been a tragedy, a horror flick and a romance all rolled into one. I have always been a colorful person! My love for giving back to my community comes from many of my assorted mistakes and the need to make an amends for them.


Fun fact about yourself.

        I have lived in the woods for a total of hundred and sixty-one days. Under a tarp, with an eighty-pound pack.  


Thank you Jordan for all you have done and all you continue to do for our mission and our kids. Keep it up!

Go follow Drop Dead Glitter on Facebook and Instagram @dropdeadglitter13


-Emily Rappe’ Fisher, CSC Development Director


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