#SupporterSaturday with Slim Chickens

April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month. All across Northwest Arkansas you will see signs and pinwheels displayed to raise awareness of child abuse happening in our community and ways to help like calling the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline number, 844-SAVE-A-CHILD, if you suspect abuse.


One place you will see this awareness is at every Slim Chickens location in Northwest Arkansas. Aspen Grams, NWA Marketing Manager for Slim Chickens, elaborates on this wonderful partnership.


How are you partnering with the Children’s Safety Center for Child Abuse Prevention Month? 

All April long, Slim Chickens is hosting a round up campaign in our restaurants. When a guest eats at any of our NWA locations, they can choose to round up their order total to the next whole dollar amount, and the change will be donated to the Children’s Safety Center.


Why is it important to spread the mission of the CSC to the community?

The children who walk through their doors could be our family members, friends, neighbors, or patrons of our restaurants. Spreading the word that this organization is on hand and able to help in a crisis can positively impact a child in our community when they need it most.


Fun fact about Slim Chickens that people might not know?

Slim Chickens was founded in Fayetteville, AR 15 years ago, and we’ve grown to be in 14 states and three countries. All of our success can be traced back to our amazing base of supporters in NWA, and we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to share meals with the people who make this region of the state great.


So eat at Slim Chickens, enjoy their amazing food and to give back to the Children’s Safety Center at the same time!




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