#SupporterSpotlight w. Little Guys Movers

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and we are highlighting community supporters that are all about our mission, our programs and our kids. Little Guys Movers and Jake Ladue do just that.

Whether it is helping with our Dream Big Charity Gala, helping a family move in a time of need, or putting office furniture together, Little Guys are always there. We were proud to honor them with the Children’s Safety Center’s Partner + Prevention award at this years Partners + Prevention luncheon.

Little Guys Movers started in Denton, Texas in 1994, with the mindset of treating people with respect and in a professional manner, during a very stressful time of their lives. Relocating is in the top five major life events that happen to a person/family, and often that transition is somewhat stressful. Our goal is to make that process as pleasant as possible.

One thing I deeply appreciate about the culture of Little Guys, is that they are always there to lend a helping hand for a great cause. I came to Little Guys November of 2011; I had just gotten out of school and was geared to teach at a local elementary school. Marcus Watson (the owner) gave me a call to meet me for an interview. During that time in my life, I was highly involved in running my nonprofit that helps children, and was somewhat hesitant on taking on a role at the company. Little Guys worked around my teaching schedule and never once asked me to step away. Little Guys also gave me the opportunity to meet other great people in the community that had the same mindset of helping others. As a Northwest Arkansas native, my community is extremely important to me. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to help – not only in our community, but also across the nation. All of our stores are highly involved in helping those in need: From natural disasters, to being active donation drop-off points, to transporting food, water, and other basic necessities, no matter the distance.

How did you become involved with the Children’s Safety Center? I became involved with the Children’s Safety Center through the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce. I was asked to help out with a few events and have continued to jump at every opportunity.

Why do you continue to stay involved? Having a less than ideal childhood myself, helping children is something that I’m very passionate about.

What is your favorite thing about the Children’s Safety Center? That’s a very deep question for me. I know the importance (on a personal level) of the service that they provide to children and their families during their time of need. It’s important that these children have a safe place and are surrounded by people that they are comfortable with to talk to.

Why is it important to spread the mission of the Children’s Safety Center to the community? Simply put, it needs to be a household name. I know that sounds a little ambitious or bold, but necessary. As a child, I fell through the cracks in the system; I didn’t have the opportunity or even know that such an option existed. If we can put the Children’s Safety Center in the spotlight, maybe we can save a  few more like myself, that needed their service and guidance in a time of need. It’s important to know that they are not alone and there are people who not only care, but truly want to help.

Fun Fact that people may not know about you and/or Little Guys? I get the most pleasure out of our young guys and gals that work with us. I know I won’t have them for long, but while I do, it brings me so much joy getting them involved in the community, teaching them the meaning of a hard day’s work, and the benefits that come along with it. We are a foundation for many future leaders in our community and other communities. Moving is just what we do in order to have the opportunity to hang out with each other – once a Little Guy always a Little Guy!

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