Handprint Dreams

Handprint Dreams

Handprints of all colors line the halls throughout the Children’s Safety Center. Visitors can see the handprints, big and small, but they don’t have the opportunity to hear from the 546 children the Children’s Safety Center saw this past year. These children picked out their favorite colors, painted their hands, and left their mark on the walls of the Children’s Safety Center, and they also left with a dream.

Savannah, age 16
Savannah has been accepted for a full ride to a college to pursue a career in Sports Journalism so, “I can get my Dad into all sorts of cool games.”
Savannah is pregnant as a result from her abuse. She is keeping the baby and has begun to research and prepare for being a single parent who still follows her dreams!



Callie and Josh, age 11 & 8
Josh was so supportive of his sister who was the main victim. He wanted to put his hand next to hers because “we’re in this together.”


Jeremy, age 6
Jeremy picked camouflage colors for his handprint and said “I want to be a professional hunter when I grow up, and my dad can help, too!”



Hannah, age 12
Hannah wanted to put her handprint next to the one she made last time she came here. “I hope my grandpa believes me this time.”


Tour of Dreams

In February, we are opening our doors to the public to take a “Tour of Dreams.” Visitors will tour the center and have the opportunity to learn more about the Children’s Safety Center. There will be two separate tours throughout the day. Awareness of child abuse is key to prevention and the Children’s Safety Center hopes to see you for their Tour of Dreams!

Tour of Dreams:
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
9 a.m. & 1:30 p.m

Where: 614 E. Emma, Suite 200
Springdale, AR 72764
(Inside Jones Truck Line Building)

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