Walmart Organized In-Kind Closet

Thank you so much to the Walmart ISD Security team that helped organize our in-kind closet!!! You all did a wonderful job. Now we can just walk in and grab what we need for our families quickly. We can not thank you enough!!!


In-Kind Closet Cubbies Complete

Our in-kind closet cubbies are complete thanks to Tim Faires of Warehouse 54 in Downtown Springdale. We are so excited to have our Walmart volunteers come out and organize them with toys, housewares, clothes, and toiletries; all much needed by the families we serve. This project could not have been accomplished without the wonderful donations from our community partners. Stay tuned for a final picture!

Tim Faires Helping In-Kind Closet Makeover

The CSC is in the process of a much needed makeover of their in-kind closet. Tim Faires of Warehouse 54 in Downtown Springdale is building shelves and cubbies to store kids clothing, toys, games, housewares, and toiletries used by the families that receive services at the center. This project was made possible by donations from our community supporters. Thank You!!!! Stay tuned for a picture of the completed closet.