CSC Spotlight w. Savanah Thorne

Meet our newest child advocate Savanah Thorne. She has been with us almost two months and is already making a huge difference in children’s lives. Get to know Savannah by reading below.

Where are you from? What college did you attend?
Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I went to K State in Manhattan, Kansas where I majored in Human Development and Family Science.

Do you cheer for and/or call the Hogs?
Only if they’re not playing the Cats! #BILLSNYDER4EVER

Why did you apply to be a child advocate?
I love fighting for people and especially kids. I believe in standing in people’s gaps and helping them when really tough things happen, because people have done that for me when I needed it most. Being an advocate allows me to do just that – I get to stand in the gaps for people who are in need of compassion and support!

Favorite thing about working at the CSC so far?
The team! They’re incredibly supportive and empowering and have already made me feel like a member of the family! I’m really grateful for the way they’ve welcomed me in (even if I refuse to watch Big Brother).

Quick story of your favorite client so far and how you helped them.
I had a case where the kids were taken into care, I made a pretty strong connection with one of the girls, and went to visit her while she was staying at the Children’s Shelter. When she saw me she was shocked to see me and questioned why I came to visit her “of all people”. It was a sweet reminder to see the power in just showing up for kids and how consistency and perseverance really makes a difference for them.

Fun Fact!