Halloween Safety

Halloween is such a fun holiday. We all love dressing up, and our kids love getting sick on large amounts of candy. However, we have all heard the tales of candy being tampered with or poisoned, or those of kids being hit by cars. While these cases are rare, it is important to be as safe as possible on Halloween. Here are a few tips to ensure a safe, happy, and fun Halloween:

  1. Check it Before You Eat It
    1. Make sure that your kids do not eat any of the candy before you make it home and can check it yourself. This will ensure that the candy your kids consume is safe. Watch for loose, opened, or homemade candy.
  2. Get in on the Fun
    1. Go with your kids while they trick-or-treat. They will love seeing you there, and you will be able to ensure safety while crossing streets and visiting houses.
    2. TIP: Put reflective tape of your child’s costume; make them visible to cars!
  3. Tell Them How It Is
    1. If you are worried about your child’s safety on Halloween, then talk to them beforehand. Give them rules, and explain how the night will go.

Halloween shouldn’t be filled with anxiety and fear. Use these tips to make your night fun, easy, and full of sweet treats!

#SpotlightSunday with CSC therapy intern Rachel Brewer

How did you become involved with the CSC?

I was an Advocate intern here at the CSC in the Fall of 2015 for my Undergraduate degree in Social work. I fell in love with the center and developed a passion for working with children that have been victims of abuse. When I was accepted into the University of Arkansas Masters of Social Work program, I knew that I wanted to come back to the Children’s Safety Center again to pursue my Graduate education.

What is your favorite thing about being a CSC Intern?

My favorite thing about being a CSC intern is having the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing and passionate women while getting to make a positive impact in the lives of children in our community.

Why is the Center important to the community?

The CSC is an incredible resource in the community we live in. I have had families tell me stories of the hope that they have gained through their experience with the Center. Having such a caring team of professionals to guide children and families through the most difficult time of their lives is an invaluable resource, and the ability to offer the wide array of services that the center does for free, gives many under-served individuals the chance to have a voice and to be heard.

What are you plans after you graduate?

I do not have concrete plans for after graduation, but I will get my LMSW license, then I would love to find a job where I can work with children in a similar capacity that I have had the opportunity to here at the CSC.

Fun Fact about yourself…

I was home-schooled until sixth grade. I am also a proud pet-mom of two rescue cats, Everest and Amelia, and a rescue rabbit named Howard.